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We are a Customs broker and we are profession which expertise include tariff and customs laws, rules and regulations for the clearance of imported or exported goods or merchandise from customs authority, preparation of import or export documents including computation and payment of duties, taxes and other charges accruing thereon, ...

Your goods will move faster. Duties, licenses, permits, and all other brokerage requirements are handled expertly for optimal clearance. In order for you to realize significant and quantifiable savings, Global provides innovative approaches to customs programs. Our approach is to determine how value can best be added to your processes. We look at your customs “value stream,” which includes compliance, release and analysis, as a way of effectively managing cost. -Customs clearance of shipments through all modes of transport at every port in Canada and the U.S. -Preparation of necessary customs documentation to support release of goods -Collection and maintenance of NAFTA certificates of origin -Complete program for Non-Resident Importers to make the process seamless for you and your customers -Tariff classification and valuation -Ruling requests and advice on dealing with other government agencies -Bonds -Amending entries & post-entry adjustments -Duty drawback completion and submission -Release services 24/7/365 throughout Canada and the U.S. through ACROSS and Remote Location Filing -Importer Security Filing (ISF), BIRD and ACE Filing -A range of integrated technology solutions to ensure efficient shipment processing and timely release through customs

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Ocean Freight FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are the shipping rates so volatile?
    The primary is market demand. Traditionally from Dec through April for imports, especially from Asia to the U.S., it is called the “slow season.” Because the retail market slows down after Christmas. However from mid January through early February there is an upsurge of cargo moving to beat the Chinese New Year deadline whereby factories all over China shut down for weeks.
  • What are the usual methods of freight payment?
    Freight payment is a collection of processes that can be thought of in general terms as an accounts payable service for transportation invoices. Freight payment providers act as the intermediary between the shipper and the carrier to receive, process, and pay invoices.
  • Do you handle international household moves?
    For anyone moving overseas, shipping household goods and all of your furniture is a lot to think about, even before looking for international moving services. But determining how much you want to move internationally is a vital step. Household Shipments Include: Full households, condo or apartment.
  • How and where can we pick up the cargo at destination?
    If you've Paid Your Ransom- You Can Pick Up Your Goods! Once you've paid your three ransoms, you can finally pick up your goods. You simply go to the warehouse (in the case of LCL freight) or the port (for containers) where your goods are and pick them up
  • What tyep of are the shipping vessels do you have ?
    A Panamax vessel can't be longer than 294,13 m (965 ft), wider than 32,31 m (106 ft) and her draught can't be more than 12,04 m (39.5 ft). These vessels have an average capacity of 65,000 DWT, and are primarily used in transporting coal, crude oil and petroleum products.
  • What are the usual methods of freight payment?
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  • Do you handle international household moves?
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  • How and where can we pick up the cargo at destination?
    If you arrange it yourself, you can bring the shipment to the freight forwarder's ... shipments intended to load into one container for the same destination port. .... and would like to pick-up the cargo from the forwarder's import warehouse yourself.